Non Nissan Services

Kaizer Motor is here to assist you for all motoring needs, whatever the problem and whether you own a Nissan or not.

Minor vehicle problems can often be corrected quickly, and at a small cost, before the fault grows to be a major problem. Any problem with any vehicle should be dealt with efficiently and safely at the earliest opportunity.

Whether you are experiencing problems with your brakes, air filter, cracks, leaks or any other issues, Kaizer Motor have the experienced staff to help you.

Any general repair work for any vehicle can be dealt with promptly at Kaizer Motor. We have a great reputation for excellence, allowing you to be assured that your vehicle is in very capable hands.

Unfortunately, Kaizer Motor does not undertake any bodywork.

Service Prices

Please call or e-mail Kaizer Motor for service prices for non-Nissan vehicles.

Most modern cars only need servicing around once a year, but older cars, or high performance cars (like the Nissan GT-R) require more services, around once every six months. Ensure you read your manufacturer’s service handbook, which will tell you what is best for your car.

The type of service you need will be affected by how you use and take care of your car. For example, if you use your car for multiple short journeys, and the engine does not have the chance to warm up properly, you are likely to need more oil and filter changes.

When you organise a service for your car, make sure you establish exactly what service you are receiving and what it includes. Some garages will only change your oil filter, here at Kaizer Motor, we will carry out full or minor servicing, whichever your car requires. We ensure that we follow a service checklist and give you a completed copy as a confirmation of a job well done. For this, we use an Industry Standard Service Checklist.

The quick answer is, no. In October 2003, the European Commission rules on car block exemption came into full effect. This ruling allowed independent garages the exact same access to your cars technical information from the manufacturer. More importantly, it means you do not need to go back to the franchise dealer to retain your warranty cover.

There are a number of ways to tell if a garage is good and reliable. Here are some examples:

  • You get invoiced for the amount you have agreed. Your invoice should not be more than any estimate you were initially given, unless discussed with you  prior to extra work being agreed.
  • The labour and parts should be fully detailed and itemised. This is your proof of purchase if a problem later arises.
  • Your car’s service record book has been stamped with the garage stamp.
  • A good garage will advise you when parts may need replacing, if they are not fully worn out, based on your car usage, rather than replacing them there and then.