Nissan GT-R Servicing

Kaizer Motor

It is vital to keep the drive-train in the R35 Nissan GT-R maintained and serviced, as it is one of the most advanced produced by any manufacturer. Here at Kaizer Motor we only give the best care to the GT-R when here for servicing, using only the required tools and diagnostic equipment, whilst maintaining the factory warranty. We also only use genuine Nissan parts and recommended oils (or any that exceed the Manufacturers standards).

Under the EU Block Exemption rules, GT-R owners can choose an independent specialist, such as ourselves, as long as they are using genuine Nissan parts and the correct diagnostic equipment without affecting their warranty, and are VAT registered.

Depending on which country you are based in depends on when your GT-R is due for servicing. In the UK the GT-R is due for a service after every 6,000 miles or after 6 months. The only exception of this is the enhanced 2011 GT-R onwards, which is due for a service after every 9,000 miles or 12 months.

We also carry out servicing for the track day enthusiast. We know that you may need extras on your car service, such as additional transmission fluid or a 4 wheel alignment and engine/gearbox optimisation*. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further.

*Recommended by Nissan, the Nissan GT-R requires the following inspections, in addition to regular maintenance. These inspections are required after 1,000 miles, and then annually:

Each side of the engine must operate at the same time, and at the same performance level due to each cylinder bank on the engine operating independently. This is because of the vehicles twin turbocharger design. Using our diagnostic equipment, we can check and adjust as necessary the power output of each bank.

Because of the design of the GT-R’s clutch and transmission, it requires inspection and adjustment of the clutch and shift forks at the recommended intervals. Depending on the way you drive the GT-R will depend on how frequently adjustments need to be made. It is reported that when the vehicle is performing at low speeds, there is poor shift and transmission performance. The alignment procedure will improve this.

The GT-R’s wheel alignment will need measuring and adjusting once the suspension components are “broken-in”. With the latest Hunter TD Hawk-Eye alignment equipment, we are able to offer a full adjustment.

When getting your Nissan GTR serviced, there are now multiple choices of oil from Mobil 1,Motul and Pentosin.

We have a full range of engine oils from Motul Sport to the factory fill Mobil 1 engine oils.

Motul oils are the most cost efficient option as well as being of a very high quality. The Motul DCTF will become the standard fill and are Nissan’s preferred supply for the Nismo range of oils. We have used Motul DCFT for several years and feel it has a high performance, just as good as the Pentosin. As it has been specifically developed for the high powered GT-R, we use the Pentosin R fluid, in addition to the regular Pentosin FFL4.

We use the same oil type as the original Nissan fill for the 2008-2010 cars, Castrol Syntrax, as our differential fluid. For later models or cars that do not have much use, we use the Motul/Nismo 75w140 differential oil.

For your regular cars we use Motul’s DOT 5.1 esp brake fluid as our standard replacement fluid. For cars that are used as track cars, we use Motul RBF660 Brake fluid, giving you the crucial pedal feel and consistency.