Reverse Camera

Kaizer Motor
Reverse camera options are available for both Non-Sat Nav (-2009) and Sat Nav (2011-) GT-R models. Bypass modules and Auxiliary video inputs are also available on request.  Please contact us for prices and available options.

Folding Mirror Module

Kaizer Motor
This module will fold/unfold your door mirrors when you lock or unlock your car using the key fob or the exterior button. The interior switch is unaffected so you can still override the module. Please contact us for prices and availability.
Kaizer Motor

Remote Start System

Kaizer Motor is proud to announce the new CKC Remote Start kit for Nissan GTR (EU, all models including the MY17) now been tested and available from us (compatible with IPhone (watches) & Android phones).
You are also able to warm your car up before you leave the house. Your GT-R will remain locked and secure until you open it with the App or key.