Bearing Connecting Rod



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Bearing Connecting Rod


Bearing Connecting Rod.
Please note the price is for 1 bearing. You need 12 bearing for one engine (2 per connecting rod).
For colour marks and sizes please see picture.
Part numbers are:
12111-JF00A Grade 0
12111-JF01A Grade 1
12111-JF02A Grade 2
12111-JF03A Grade 3
12111-JF04A Grade 4
12117-JF00A US=0.25 (Undersized)

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12111-JF00A Grade 0, 12111-JF01A Grade 1, 12111-JF02A Grade 2, 12111-JF03A Grade 3, 12111-JF04A Grade 4, 12117-JF00A US=0.25 (Undersized)