Kaizer Motor Warranty

Kaizer Motor is proud to announce the Kaizer Warranty program.

As we have extensive experience with Nissan GTRs over the years we have decided to meet our customer’s demand and offer our GTR warranty program.

Our warranty is designed to help with the cost of repairs, including labour, VAT and replacement parts. Say goodbye to the expensive bills should a mechanical failure occur.

All engine and gearbox components are covered so whether you have a gasket, turbo or a gearbox fail we will be there to repair your car. The warranty even covers common issues like bell house bearings or dash board back lighting. We have made our warranty as straight forward and comprehensive as possible.

 Our warranty package is also transferable* to the next owner so it means the car can be bought and sold with full confidence with the knowledge that Kaizer Motor are there to support the car should any problems arise. Plus, our detailed pre-warranty health check records all the vital components on the cars use giving the buyer reassurance in the cars history.
Looking after given us an amazing reliability record even on the most highly tuned engines. We are therefore happy to extend our warranty program to cover all Stage 1- 4 (570-680 Bhp) conversions (subject to our terms and conditions).   

The Kaizer Warranty is available to all standard GTR’s and cars we have previously tuned following our detailed pre-warranty health check. We charge 2 hours labour to complete this inspection or offer this free of charge when combined with a service or performance upgrade package.
Main benefits are:
•    Comprehensive Warranty covering all major components.
•    Kaizer’s simplified service and maintenance routine.
•    Updates to the latest Nissan or Litchfield engine and gearbox software (Please note that all software update requires an upgrade licence.)
•    Supports our popular performance upgrade packages.
•    The balance of the warranty is transferable to the next owner.
•    For customers that still have some Nissan warranty remaining we will cover the parts not already covered by the manufacturers’ policy to give piece of mind when looking at upgrade packages.
Prices for the warranty are:
•    £1,200 Inc. VAT for vehicles entering their 4th year (renewal customers will be charged the same as their first year with us)
•    £1,440 Inc. VAT for vehicles entering their 5th year
•    £1,680 Inc. VAT for vehicles entering their 6th year
•    Vehicles over 6 years old will be admitted at our discretion
If you would like to discuss our Warranty package, please feel free to contact us at any time.




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