Replacement bell housing

 As many owners have experienced, their GTR can make a lots of different noises compared to a normal "road" car. One of these noise is a rattle, this can be loud especially when the vehicle is stationary and engine is running on idle. This rattle is caused by  3 different factor.

  1. The GTR gearbox has a dry-sump design. This mean that the gears (not like a normal manual gearbox where the gears are submerged in gearbox oil) are lubricated by oil jets. Therefor the gears are made with slightly bigger back-lash (gap) for easy lubrication. This bigger gap between the gear tooth will make a rattle type of noise when the rotational speed changing a lot (fluctuations), mainly when the engine is running on idle so it is less stable.
  2. The flywheel is light weight design to improve the acceleration response (just like the racing cars). The idling thus fluctuates and causing this phenomenon.
  3.    The car also have a carbon composite propeller shaft for collision safety and high acceleration response. This also amplifies this rattle noise due to its hollow tube design. 

This rattle noise is not a defect, the noise is actually indicates the gearbox's gears has sufficient back-lash (gap) and they are properly lubricated.

However a very similar to this normal rattle noise can also be caused by the bell house bearing, if there is a small amount of movement between the bearing housing and the flywheel housing case. This movement will, in time, wear the flywheel housing case allowing free play of the output shaft. This free play then leads to the rattle noise concern. This noise will be very similar to the noise explained above, but this will became worse as the free play get bigger. If this problem is ignored eventually the flywheel house will break and the propeller shaft can detach from the output shaft causing damage to the surrounding area and result in loss of drive. 

Because of this, we have developed our replacement unit that solves the issues we see on a regular basis with simple solution.

We now have a number of pre-converted units on the shelf so we can provide a true drive in and out service.   The exchange program means we can provide the refreshed and modified bell housings for

£995 including VAT and installation.

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend! Recommend anyone taking their GTR's here!

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